Hope rests on engaging bots as leaders plan for new normal post COVID-19

Hope rests on engaging bots as leaders plan for new normal post COVID-19

Employee Engagement

The future of business has arrived a little ahead of its time. However, the dynamic leaders are prepared to address it head-on, and sprint towards the finishing line with only one aim—innovate business and people practices with the latest technologies.

Well, a harsh lesson was learned at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, when organizations with legacy processes suffered miserably due to lack of preparedness. With weak IT enablement, constraints within the business world, and failing communication channels, the ergonomics collapsed dramatically. 

On the other hand, the digitally-native companies displayed an upper hand in keeping employees calm, motivated, and productive all along. Despite the absence of one-to-one meetings in person and the casual chit-chat during coffee breaks, the employees’ morale and esteem were kept intact.  With a robust plan in place to engage people, these businesses did not suffer breakdowns.

How did future-proof companies emerge stronger?

For the well-managed digitized organizations, it was easy to innovate further with the latest technologies and stay in touch with employees all along. Using AI-based chatbots, they were able to check employee pulse in these trying times and take corrective action. 

Interestingly, businesses are run by the collective effort of their people. Their survival and success depend upon the entire lot—the first person at the top to the last individual at the tail end. People are as dynamic as the world we live in. Gone are the days when leaders could form their opinions by speaking to a few. Phenomena such as multi-generational attitudes, regional traits, and functional attributes create a sea of difference amongst people. Only leaders who are able to get into the shoes of every single employee are capable of making sound decisions. Truly, leadership requires a vantage point to be able to enhance people practices and go the extra mile to keep employees content.  

The New Normal

The precedent set by the work culture, during the COVID-19 pandemic, calls the shots for future course of action. The majority of the employees will permanently join the WFH bandwagon, and remote teams will witness a surge and continue to operate across geographical boundaries. It is inevitable for workplaces to shrink in size, on account of an expensive rule book with respect to hygiene, sanitization, and health requirements. 

In addition, business travel will become restrictive and organizations will rely on chatbots and digital communication networks to keep in touch. Internet of Things (IoT), data sciences, AI and augmented reality (AR) will speed up the tech transformation. Only organizations that are scaling their tech enablement will be able to attract and retain competent talent, as businesses will increasingly depend on (Gen Z) to join the workforce. 

Again, in the fast-paced tech-enabled business world, agile decision-making will be imperative. Hierarchical structures will give way to horizontal or lattice organizations, thus giving employees more power to act fast unlike the traditional system. 

In short, the workplace post COVID-19 will be more about people and engaging them despite the physical distance. The strategy will be to energize and aid them with smart tools and the latest technologies to enhance outcomes. 

Amara an AI conversational bot—leadership’s ladder to future

Amara enables leadership to reach out to employees promptly and what better way to do this than in their preferred mode of communication—digital chatting! 

Agility is the critical differentiator of a future-ready organization and Amara abet responsiveness. 

With Amara organizations are successfully able to involve thousands of employees in various locations for a call to action or be a party to the decision-making process. 

Since the business world has become extremely complex and competitive, survival of the fittest is established by employees’ readiness to collaborate with AI technologies such as conversational employee engagement chatbot.  

For prompt fact-based and evidence-based reasoning, Amara is empowered with algorithms and scientific tools to analyze thousands of data points and break them into actionable inputs. 

In less than five days, leaders are able to pinpoint problem areas—culture, leadership, career opportunities, performance management, work-life integration, and reward and recognition- responsible for the disappointment of thousands of employees. Amara highlights not only the general areas of concern but also the precise factors within each area. For that reason, each area listed above is divided into multiple sub-categories.

Post COVID-19, businesses will function in an unsafe and hostile economic environment and their survival cannot be taken for granted. The responsiveness of people will be the key aspect that will help businesses navigate the rough times. 

Mental Health under Spotlight

The question is, how to win the trust of people, and keep them alert, ready and motivated?

The answer lies in bot buddy such as Amara. She constantly chats with employees, befriend them and proffer psychological support. In addition, she gauges the employees’ mood and mental health. Since HR closely monitors all people and is an expert in people sciences, it can intervene timely with the help of social chatbots that understand emotions.

Research shows that issues pertaining to mental health are definitely on the rise. A recent study (2019) by Michael  A Freeman, a researcher at the University of San Francisco, focused on the mental health crisis that is raging amongst the entrepreneurial community. According to this study, approximately half (49 percent) of the entrepreneurs suffer from at least one form of mental health condition during their lifetime.

While AI, along with data sciences, will make work easier, faster, and impeccable, it is important to not restrict its use for work alone, but to employ it to create relationships, enhance moods and be a confidant to the employees. 

Amara a bot buddy ensures that employees are engaged 24/7 and are heard at all times. In the new normal workplace, she plays a central role in accelerating communications that too maintaining safe distance, meeting with people outside the meeting rooms and displaying solidarity with their sentiments. Thus, all organizations that are making a leap towards the future should rely on her for business success and for fulfilling their employees’ socio-psychological needs. 

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