“Amara is a game changer for employee-engagement practice”: Fabi Carino

The pandemic has caused havoc in the lives of people and impacted hundreds of employees as they navigate the new normal. However, the cloud of suffering has a silver lining — in the form of new-found empathy and the centerstage that employees occupy at the workplace which has the potency to reboot people practices for holistic growth and greater work-life integration.

Inevitably, technology plays a key role in tilting the balance in favor of employees, and HR leads this transformation keeping a close eye on the intrinsic needs of people in the new work world. Speaking to us from Philippines, Fabi Carino, country head-HR, Dentsu Aegis Network, shares, “People are a vital resource for any organization and HR’s essential role is to keep them happy. In this day and age, we need to look beyond performing basic admin duties and focus more on employees’ health, wellness and safety. For that, we need to leverage technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, firstly, to expand our reach in terms of employees, and secondly, to accumulate data and insights into their emotions and feelings.”

Fabi diligently points out that employee wellness is the rock-solid foundation on which employee productivity depends. A futuristic HR leader and a clinical psychologist, Fabi recruited Amara, an AI-backed chatbot from HireXP to touch base with 100 plus employees in her organization, with the aim to amass valuable information on employees as to which policies and practices are working and which ones are not.

“During the pandemic, connecting with employees felt more important than ever before. Amara gave me an opportunity to multiply myself and reach out to each and every employee in the organization. The best part is that, they felt comfortable and safe and had no problem in opening their hearts to her. Amara has helped us achieve what lay in our core — a deep sense of caring for our employees and a willingness to always listen,” rationalizes Fabi.

Thanks to Amara’s empathetic personification and her sensitive questioning, employees have been able to trust her. Today, Fabi is in custody of comprehensive details about every employee’s mind frame. With this rich material at her disposal, she can devise robust intervention strategies to alleviate employees’ anxiety, fear and other negative feelings.

Talking further about her experience with the employee-engagement chatbot, Amara, Fabi concludes, “Amara has not only helped remove communication barriers, but has also helped me evolve my practice as a leader. Her insights enable me to align the function, practice and roadmap to the future with the needs and wants of our people. Even though we cannot solve all their problems, we can lend an ear to their plight. Given the uncertain circumstances, my role is to act as a rock for them and Amara has helped me be the one.”