How Cointribe retained employees using engagement bot AMARA?

About CoinTribe

CoinTribe is an online lending marketplace that enables micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as individual borrowers, to apply for a loan and get an offer with a custom quote, within minutes. The Company not only connects MSMEs to potential lenders — banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs)— but also simplifies the entire process of obtaining loans, right from submitting the loan application to receiving the money in their accounts.


CoinTribe’s Challenges


As a distributed branch model, CoinTribe required an effective software for workforce planning and optimum productivity.

With the number of employees increasing, keeping track of each employee’s needs became a challenge for CoinTribe. Traditional methods were not as effective as in the past. Moreover, with the expansion of customer base, there arose a greater need for engaged employees. CoinTribe was unable to meaningfully meet and interact with the employees in person. It became a challenge for the HR team to predict an employee’s involvement and trust in the Company.

The Challenges at a glance

  • Interacting with the employees on an individual level
  • Understanding the challenges of employees at the workplace
  • Reaching out to individual employees with a solution
  • Relying on an inefficient process to measure an employee’s progress
  • Setting milestones to get clear employee feedback

Deepa Lamba Arora, HR-head, CoinTribe, had a keen eye for the changing trends within the HR industry, with respect to automation and digitization. Acknowledging the importance of employee engagement for her organization, she decided to adopt Amara, an AI-based chatbot from hireXP to revolutionize the engagement practice at CoinTribe.

With over 17 plus years of experience in the recruitment industry, Arora realized that hireXP’s chatbot, Amara, would be useful to support the organization’s continuous engagement requirements.

Creating impactful employee engagement with Amara

The HR team noticed an immediate change in employee behavior after Amara started engaging with the workforce at critical touchpoints. With her advanced predictive analysis and sentiment analysis, Amara helped HR to identify the problem areas of the workforce across branches.

Arora says, “Employees have opened up with descriptive feedback about their concerns. People have become clearer and more subjective in sharing their problems. It is now possible for the HR team to mark out the pain areas of individuals and help them with solutions. This way, they have become more approachable than they were in the traditional system of rating between 1 to 5 stars.”

Amara’s strategic solution

  • Increased employee engagement
  • One-to-one employee interaction at definitive milestones
  • Open discussion of issues with Amara by the employees
  • Applied people predictive analysis
  • Feedback on employees’ mental wellbeing


Amara has played a pivotal role in monitoring the effectiveness of individual performance, and CoinTribe is now able to retain employees for longer periods.

Arora further suggests that AI is the next happening tool in the industry, and any organization that is keen to relate to the young talent should definitely opt for Amara.


Amara has played a significant role in the employee-engagement cycle. It has helped the Company address the challenges people face in the workplace. With Amara, it has become easier to interact with employees at definitive milestones. It has made it possible to proactively connect with the young crowd and gauge their progress,” shares Arora.