Medusind: Solves the problem of scattered and sporadic interactions with employees by adopting an AI-based chatbot, Amara

About Medusind Solutions

Medusind provides high-quality business solutions—maximizing revenue, reducing operating costs and navigating the changes in the healthcare landscape to multiple organizations in the healthcare industry. With a unique combination of deep industry expertise and robust operational capabilities, it improves the efficiency and profitability of its clients.

Medusind is a global organization founded in 2002 and it runs its business from multiple locations around the world such as San Juan Capistrano, Orlando, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, Miami, Newark, and Roanoke. In India it is present in Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Coimbatore.


Challenges faced by Medusind

The company lacked continuous and systematic employee engagement and thus suffered a high attrition rate.

Although the HR team was active and tried its best to interact with employees on a regular basis, it was a swing and a miss, with many employees feeling left out and unable to find a confidant to hear their concerns.

Medusind CHRO Kranti Munje shares her people challenge with us. She says, “One of the structured interventions we have is to meet employees when they reach a specific milestone that is based on their date of joining the company. Typically it would be 30-60-90 days, 6 months, or 1 year.  Later on, the meetings are in an open house format. But the practical problem has been conducting these in a timely manner.”

Medusind had a bunch of unhappy employees and the same was not known as many of them lacked trust and were just not comfortable pouring their hearts out in front of the HR Business Partners. Moreover, inconsistencies appeared in recording and reporting employees’ feedback, which was entirely left to the mercy of the HRBP’s understanding and interpretation.

A robust solution-digitizing the employee engagement process with Amara.

Munje spearheaded the digital transformation process at Medusind by automating the employee engagement practice by adapting hireXP’s AI-based chatbot, Amara.

With Amara in place, no employee was ignored! Amara chatted with employees on regular basis. HR achieved perfect synchronization with respect to recording employee pulse and taking necessary action to resolve employee issues.

Munje succeeded in killing two birds with one stone- Entrusting Amara with employee engagement provided HR with a holistic insight into employees’ experiences and with more time to focus on other projects. Amara is programmed to shoulder the bulk of the responsibility of engaging with employee sas she nudges them to chat with her. Furthermore, she is inbuilt with advanced sentiment analysis and predictive analytical tools. These convert employees’ conversations to data that allows for easy comparison between employees and resolving issues with the disengaged.

By identifying the disengaged employees at Medusind, hireXP’s Amara enabled the CHRO to counsel these employees and transform this risky cohort into happy employees. This reduced the attrition rate and thus saved Medusind a lot of time and money that would have been spent searching for new employees.

In her own words, Munje explains how Medusind has been able to amplify its employee engagement practices. She says, “At times employees are not comfortable opening up.  Thus, all the issues do not surface.  I find that they feel comfortable chatting with Amara.”

She adds, “Also, when the connect intervention was done by multiple members of the HR team, we did not have consistency in the interactions.  A lot was person driven.  With Amara, we have been able to overcome this hurdle too.  We have been able to expand our reach by having interactions on the annual milestone, irrespective of the tenure of the employees, which was earlier not possible.” further Munje has outlined in detail how Amara has benefitted HR significantly-

  • Medusind receives more open feedback from employees.
  • More employees are reached out to on time. 
  • The tech-savvy employees are upbeat about interacting with a chatbot.
  • It gives the company managers and HR department unfiltered and unbiased information about employees.
  • Scientific reporting removes personal perceptions
  • The company is able to take quick actions to preserve employees.